Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chapter 5

Gack!  I am so tired. 

Oh and by the way, “Gack!” is that involuntary sound you make when you are really tired and yawn so big something pops in the back of your throat.  I’ve been gacking a lot lately. 

Anyway … 

I had to stop writing last night when the goober started hacking up a lung.  Not so bad today but mostly because he finally gave in and slept.  Goober.  He better not die.  I don’t want to have to drag his sorry butt down the stairs and throw his carcass out the window so I can bury him in the old rose garden.  Especially if he might be a friend even if he is an ubergoober. 

Back to the story … I left off where I was wondering why Mack would lie about knowing where I had set up camp.  I knew there was a reason, I just didn’t know whether I was gonna think it was a good reason or not.  I wasn’t sure whether I should give him the benefit of the doubt or not except that the other two points and stuff I’d heard made me inclined to lean in that direction. 

I wanted to rush home and hide out but decided to wait and make sure they’d left the area.  I had to pick a bike out anyway.  I crept downstairs into the store part of them building and was passing the electronics section when one of those roll up solar chargers caught my eye.  Then I saw an awesome solar lamp.  It looked kinda like a light bulb.  I snagged those two items and then started looking around for something to bring them home in and that’s when I started finding other odds and ends that I wanted.

I just recently got on a kick of finding as many solar things as I can after reading something in some hiking magazine I found in a dentist’s office where I had been looking for toothpaste, floss, and junk like that.  I haven’t found many solar thingies so to find two in one location was pretty awesome.  I also got a couple of machetes, some cool looking knives, and this honking big screwdriver.  This thing is like a cross between a pry bar and a sword.  I also found a beat up canvas satchel to put all the found stuff in.  Wound up needing two satchels, a couple of bags, and a back pack to bring back everything I wanted. 

I was loading up and then nearly wet myself when the roll down doors on the front of the store rattled really hard.  “Dammit, don’t draw them this way!” 

“They aren’t Infected you idiot.  It’s that gang.” 

“Maybe, maybe no.  But they act as crazy as an un-medicated carrier.  Let’s save us some trouble and call for a ride.  The gang will probably get the girl.  Maybe that’ll soften her up and make her more amendable to Rodney’s plan.” 

I was thinking a rude gesture in their direction when I heard them call on their radio and start hoofing it to a pick up point.  I hadn’t seen a “gang” around and thought I knew most of the groups still in the area.  Gangs were bad news but what came through about five minutes later bee-lining for the hotel was more raggle-taggle than any gang I’d ever seen.  That didn’t make them the Easter Bunny because even idiots can be dangerous if there are too many in one spot so I got outta there fast.  It was not fun trying to load the bike, wear the backpack – that totally sucked needless to say – and then get on the bike and pedal without hitting a ditch and killing myself.   My arm cussed me out almost the whole way.  I finally made it back home and under cover and that is where I stayed even after seeing smoke rise from one wing of the hotel. 

I was a little sorry but I was more worried when I saw helicopters fly into the area.  You see them sometimes but I’d never seen them come in with a load of whatever that powder was they dropped.  Found out since that it was some kind of fire suppressant, like a giant glob of fire extinguisher but it was freaky to see it happen when it did.  I thought maybe they were snuffing out infecteds and taking everyone else out at the same time.  The fire didn’t really go anywhere, not because of the powder they dropped, but because it started to rain again a couple of hours later and hasn’t really stopped.  It was the night after the hotel caught fire that I looked outside to see Mack huddled near the shed looking as wet and miserable as a cat.

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter Kathy great story. More when you can would be greatly appreciated.